Tuesday, May 27

Quick Photo Ketchup

Just time today for a quick catch-up on HS:MS photos from the last few days.

Probably the world's smallest Goofy.
My mini sewing kit that is kept in with my craft bag in case I have the urge to hand stitch a project.
The mouse himself. One of my paintings (eeeek) based on some original Disney artwork I saw.
And today its Duck.
This delightful creature came home from a farm trip with the out-laws at the weekend. Not only does it pinch bottoms but it quacks too!!! (I'm talking about the duck not Small-N-Grubby but I guess it equally applies).
Half-term this week, mid-wife on Friday (when it will be just 3 weeks to go!!!), so I will blog when I can. If there's a gap for a few days you never know it could be time (eeek again!).

** Kate **

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Rach said...

Oooo only 3 weeks to go! Good luck just incase he decides to make an early appearance. x