Thursday, May 1

Busy Days

Managed to get the dreaded sample off yesterday, then later went shopping with my sister. Very pleased to get some of the bits I needed out of the way. We covered all the birthday presents needed over the next couple of months as well as a load of sports kit for the Dinky Diva who had grown out of everything.

Back to the hospital today. All is well on the scan but I foolishly gave my consent for a Doctor, who was learning to scan, to have a bash at me (literally!). She left me on my back too long digging and grinding away with the scanner until one of the trainers stopped her just in time to prevent me from passing out. I've never had such a painful scan and the quack seemed surprised when I told her it was hurting. The experts then got down to the real scan, found all the measurements the Dr had struggled with and didn't hurt one bit.

We now know the sex of the baby, but I'm not going to blog it yet, I want to get used to the idea before I share, I've never known the sex of my unborn child before.

I think the nurses felt sorry for me being battered about and gave me a gorgeous photo of little babes face, which I'll scan on tomorrow.

Not being seen again at the hospital now for 3 weeks.

HS:MS today - Spectacles
Here's an oldy of the Small-N-Grubby one.

** Kate **


Jolanda said...

Cutie pie!

Shannon said...

look at those pink little cheeks. How cute! Great shot!

maz said...

What a super shot, total gorgeousness. Sorry you've been so poorly... fingers crossed you'll soon be fighting fit again x