Sunday, May 18


Today's word on Hs:Ms is Dopey. Lacking time and inspiration today so I've gone for the genuine Disney article. Here he is leading an intrepid band of explorers.
And here's a better look at the rest of them to cover Grumpy, Bashful and anyone else I have missed this week.
These little characters are quite special to me, they are from our Christmas crackers one year. I had some left over and took them around to my mum and dads on new year's eve where we annually babysat for any of the family's children whilst the adults went out. At the time we had my three nieces to look after and dad spent the whole evening trying to convince then that one of the dwarfs was called smelly. Happy little memories.

Thought I would pamper myself this afternoon whilst the kids are in the garden with SMO. Washed my hair but have managed to break my hot air brush part way through styling/drying my hair. I now look like an Old English Sheep Dog that has been caught in a rainstorm and left to drip dry! Glad there is no call for self portraits this weekend.

** Kate **


Eleanor said...

Smelly is a goodun,I like it, lol.
Actually I rather like your dwarfs, want to swap? Nope, thought not.
Never mind.

Bambi said...

cool! you're all done with the dwarves (^_^)