Monday, May 19


Having photographed all of the 7 dwarfs together yesterday I have given myself no choice but to think laterally for the rest of the prompts. So here today is 'Sneezy'.
Didn't even realise I had this stuffed in the back of the cupboard, it must be years old. Do pepper corns go off?

Have made the decision that I will not walk into town just to go shopping until after the baby is born. I know I have just over a month to go still, but by the time I waddle down there I am ready to sit down, not elbow my way around the shops. Doctor's appointments are OK as I can dawdle into a nearby shop and then have a sit down once I get to the waiting room. For coffee and chat my local church coffee morning or art centre are not as far and for shopping the internet is my new best friend. So now there is a whole section of town I won't set foot in for a couple of months (which feels a bit weird), unless I get a lift of course!

Talking of internet shopping I have had a major shop this morning - cleaning stuff, father's day bits and the odd craft bargain from Lakeland. Did I say they are drastically reducing their craft stocks, I think I did, disappointing but still bargains to be had. Then I ordered a selection of books to keep me going and some crib sheets direct from the manufacturer. Somebody stop me quick!!

When I 1st gave up work I was really thrifty, getting all my books at the library and totally resisting buying new things. That habit must be stored at the back of the loft somewhere, I really need to dig it out again.

** Kate **


Bambi said...

good one!

Diana said...

Nice shot! I did not think that peeper ent off LOL

Igotmebabe said...

Great shot,mine is pepper too :)

Shannon said...

Great shot you have!