This Week

Haven't done much blogging during the second-half of this week.

Finally got a prescription on Wednesday for my cough/cold. I have one of the flu type bugs which has a known anti-biotic to deal with it which also happens to be safe in pregnancy, so finally looks like something is going my way. A final expedition to Tesco means I have all the little bits I need now ( I get so stressed about these things, I think it is because I can control them - unlike the birth!!).

Yesterday was craft day on QVC. Watched some of the special guest shows in between pottering around the house. Made a list of great things I want to get but have resisted for now. Although I do have some adhesive papers already on order.

Not feeling very inspired on the photography front at the moment and haven't had any ideas for subjects for the last 3 day's prompts on HS:MS.

Having a quiet morning today looking at some paperwork then off to the local independent nursery shop to order the last of the big things we need. I'm not a fan of the Mothercare type establishment. The staff never seem to have a clue about what they are selling, service is bad and quality often second rate. I will be doing my bit to support the independent retailer who has served us well over the last 8-9 years, recognises us on sight when we go in and provides a top-class service.

** Kate **


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