Thursday, July 12

It Never Rains But It Pours

Lots of news!

Yesterday evening Silly-Mid-On (now just known as SMO) was hit in the mouth with a cricket ball. He was batting and the ball glanced off the top of the bat into his face. Needless to say he wasn't wearing a helmet or mouth guard! The new generation of players are wearing their helmets as it was compulsory in their youth and so they are used to them. SMO complains that it is difficult to adjust to wearing one when you learnt without. Now he'll have to see how difficult it is to adjust to having no front teeth!!! One is definitely gone and another has sheared off with the impact and I'm not sure if it can be saved. He said there were lots of cricketers grovelling around on the pitch picking up his teeth, which he now has in a bag for the dentist, lol.

He sees the lucky dentist at 3.15 today (he did go to casualty last night but it was standing room only so he decided not to stay, wouldn't have expected them to be that busy mid-week, must have been a full moon).

Edited because I opened my big mouth when I shouldn't have!!

My sister in theory should be married out in Tunisia by now, congratulations! This is assuming that the paperwork was OK (apparently fond of paperwork in Tunisia, all i's dotted and t's crossed, although as it was probably in Arabic there won't have been any).

Whilst waiting for SMO to reappear from casualty I made a shaker card for a Rainbow friends 18th.

I'd had the frames to fit these tall cards in a box for ages so I thought I would put one to good use.

Today - is not going too bad, hectic but OK. Small-N-Grubby went off to pre-school looking tired but otherwise OK. It was a wet sports day for the Dinky Diva. Here she is on the start line for the egg and spoon race.

She was chatting to her lovely friend Jennifer, who I've edited out as I hadn't asked to use the pic. I think they would have still been chatting when the race started had the teacher not moved them apart! DD enjoyed herself which is the whole point of it. There was a parents race which SMO insisted on entering, I told him if he slipped and bashed his face he was on his own! He says he might have won but DD says he didn't, she thought the whole thing was hysterical. Our neighbour was at the finishing line with a camera so we called for a photo finish. But he had been distracted chatting with some mums and hadn't been watching.

Off to school to pick up again this afternoon and then back to see how the dentist went.

Prize update : Thanks for all of the lovely comments yesterday. Sent off a, hopefully, tactful e-mail just to enquire. Had a nice reply to say they would look into it for me and it was no problem. So I will have to wait and see.

** Kate **


Gail said...

Lovely shaker card. I've made a couple of those, they're such fun. I would love to receive one.

Paula W said...

Super shaker card - glad theyre looking into the missing prize ;o)

Jules said...

eeek! about the teeth, hoping that the dentist goes okay.

Nice cards, and I'm glad you got in touch about the missing prize.