Saturday, July 7

No7 Buses

Took the Rainbows swimming last night, excellent fun but very exhausting. Had some unexpected spare time today as, on the best day we have had in weeks, the cricket was called off!?!? Something fishy going on there me thinks. Anyway we all went shopping together and picked up some gifts we needed and new sandals for the Dinky Diva. She had been going on about Crocs but once we got to the shop she didn't want them, typical, and ended up with flowery sandals instead. I didn't just make up the DD name because I thought it sounded good!

Have you noticed parcels are like number 7 buses, nothing for ages and then 3 at once. All this came today, yum, yum.

Needed a couple of things for projects but was tempted by free post offers and if it costs £2 for postage up to £20.00 you have to spend that much to get your monies worth, don't you? I must be a marketing persons dream (mug) customer!!

I had seen the Penny Black Licorice alphas on other peoples projects and just had to get them. Ordered the Blush paper pack but happily ended up with Infuse as a substitution. The fairy stamp and flowers are the actual project bits I wanted and the rest just caught my eye. On the right just going out of shot is a pack of bag handle fixings, no idea what I'm going to use them for but they look like posh Dior riding stirrup ones and I couldn't resist. I keep collecting bits for bags, I might just get around to making them, one day.

DD has dancing exams tomorrow and apparently I am to spend this evening making a tutu for a dog hand puppet she has brought home from school. Its a reward thing, if you're good you get to take 'Rusty' home and write in his diary.

Monday is looking very promising. SMO has the day off and I am planning a mamouth all day crafting session, he doesn't know this yet of course!

** Kate **

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