Pretty Pendants

After another busy day yesterday (including Small-N-Grubby falling over at Dink Diva's ballet class and biting the inside of his cheek - ouch!!) I had a relaxing evening making up the pendants I had bought.

Fell upon them as soon as I saw them! Great for a bit of bright summer wardrobe updating. I picked up black and red ones too but I need to get out and get some funky red cord to go with them.

Whilst adding these to the shop I re-organised everything into categories so it should be easier to search through. Still haven't get as many cards on there as I would have liked - the problem - copyright. Its the hot topic of discussion at the moment on a few sites that I have looked at. Whilst lots of companies have 'Angel Agreements' allowing production of items for sale at craft fairs they consider the internet to be worldwide distribution and so the angel thingy doesn't apply. I need to e-mail a few that I use and got their permission. I think my next priority for the shop has got to be getting my designs made up into stamps so that I can really start getting things made for sale.

** Kate **


Esther said…
Ooo gorgeous pendants!
In answer to your question the chocolate is made using craft foam. I got the idea of a craft website, I think they suggest heating the foam and putting an impression in, I think in the end I scored it with a craft knife to make a deeper impression. Had the piece for ages, so great opporrunity to use it!
NickyNoo said…
Those pendants are gorgeous!
Karva said…
Fab pendants and love the name Dinky Diva's LOL
mum on the run said…
Gorgeous pendants!

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