Tuesday, July 24

Last Day of Term

Tomorrow is the last day at infant school for the Dinky Diva. Her mood has got progressively worse all last week. She is so tired and really ready for a break. I just hope she has a few good lie-ins and doesn't spend the whole hols whining (principally about food, anyone would think I didn't feed her!). There is a special school lunch tomorrow - hot dogs. I have relented and am letting her have one. I don't let her have them every day as you have no idea what she is choosing from the menu - she would probably never eat a vegetable again if she got her way.

Made up the last of her teacher's presents today. A little one for the crossing lady too. We walk to school every day in all weathers and appreciate that she does her job under the same conditions, particularly this 'summer'.
There's an extra special one for the class teacher as she is also leaving to have a baby.
Close up of the lid. I was really pleased with how the flower turned out. I punched the layers out of DCWV paper and then doodled the border.
The final part of my big prize came today. Hope the mag is out soon then I can say all about it and post some projects.
** Kate **

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Andrea said...

Lovely presents, the teacher will be thrilled