Saturday, July 21

The Bells, The Bells

It was the Dinky Diva's last hand-bell ringing class this morning before the summer break. In conjunction with the church coffee morning they had a cake sale and performed 2 sets of about half a dozen tunes. Here she is in her purple uniform looking rather pious, I think she was after more cake.
Spent about two hours munching cakes and listening to music which was a lovely relaxing morning. Whilst we were there the cricket was called off again. Its been tipping it down all day.

This meant SMO organised the children for the afternoon and I spent the whole time working solid on competition entries. Feel really tired now, but I've got some e-mailed off and at least I know I've put my heart and soul into them no matter what happens. Here's a little snippet of something.
The big end of season sales are starting in earnest now. Oh no...I really don't need more stash but I can't resist the prices. Placed a huge order with Lakeland today, I did include some household stuff too. Dropped into Next this morning whilst we were in town. Resisted anything for myself as there was no time to try it all on. Bought a big bag of stuff for the DD whose eyes lit up when she saw it. Far more satisfying than clothes shopping for me. I have a wedding to go to in September and I am dreading having to find an outfit.

All this activity has meant I am only on page 76 of HP7. Off to see how long I can stay awake reading!!

** Kate **

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