Sun, Sun, Sun Here It Comes

Inevitably I planned too much yesterday evening. Didn't get it all done and spent this morning catching up. So no crafting either yesterday or today.

We had sunshine this afternoon - hurrah!! Spent the afternoon at cricket. There were a couple of tiny showers and its raining quite steadily now but it was fine enough when it needed to be.

Here's the family enjoying the action.

The Dinky Diva is hamming it up good and proper.They kept the score board up to date, so very educational too.

Came back on my own after the game finished, little uns at the out-laws and SMO in the pub. House to myself and I'm going to sacrifice the chance for some crafting and have a long soak in the bath instead. I plan for it to be bliss. I would love to have a second cloakroom when we move house, normally as soon as I get in the bath one of the kids wants the loo, even if I make them go before me they still manage to find a reason to disturb me. I'm off before the dog decides she's going in there!!

** Kate **


Paula said…
Love the pictures Kate

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