Monday, July 16


I've been working on several projects that I couldn't share. Well now I can reveal the first one.

Yes I have been a shhh......... secret agent. You scan see the article here on the Fisk-A-Teers website which is part of the Fiskars group. I got to play with lots of lovely Heidi Grace Marina Drive products and tried out Cloud 9 Raindots. Here's my page titled 'Passionate View'.

This lovely lioness was totally ignoring me as she could hear the truck coming to deliver her dinner and the hullabaloo all the other animals were making as they heard it too.

I got the metal frame in a local craft shop, its made by Eco Africa and is from a range of socially responsible scrapbooking products which contribute to the lives of underprivileged women and their families.

The 18th birthday party went well at the weekend, although I did feel quite old. Mind you watching them make fools of themselves I wasn't that keen to be 18 again!

SMO has not long been back from the dentist. He is in a bad way and looks like he has had collagen injections not an anesthetic. He has retired to bed howling about how awful it was and how much pain he is in, bless.

I had an e-mail from the mag about my missing prize. It was supposed to be there and they have contacted the sponsor company to see if they can get me the missing item. This makes my prize extra fantastic, more fantastic than a really fantastic thing! Can't wait to share.

** Kate **

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