Wednesday, July 4

Cards For Men

Went to my craft group today, for the first time in about a month. Both the organiser and the shop owner were away so we sat round chatting for nearly 2 hours! Bought another paint can to decorate (and dropped off the original one). Picked up some lovely new pendants which I will make up tonight for my shop. Another punch from the bargain bin - Christmas toppers coming soon! Oh and a magazine, some stickers and who knows what else!

A couple of men's cards to look at today. I'm sure SMO has been given the cricketer on more than one occasion.

The Panda is made from Asian See D stamps. When Dawn Bibby demos them on QVC you will see an almost identical card as I made a couple of the samples!!!!

Here are the photos of the Sound Of Music beach suits. (I mentioned them in a previous post when Jane Dean was making herself a far more modern version). The first little one is me,(sorry about the bad scanning, shame on me as I'm supposed to be a bit of an expert!).
This second one is my sister. She's the one getting married in Tunisia this month so she can't get me for blogging it. They were both taken on holiday in Dawlish in 1970. There was one of big sis in matching attire but she lives far too close for me to get away with printing it!
Jewellery making and more work on comp cards and LOs tonight I think.

** Kate **

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Esther said...

Aww how sweet is that cricket ted! might need to come to you for some images!

That panda one is great too!

As for thos gorgeous seaside pics!- bring back the florals! Gorgeous swim outfits- I love em