Friday, July 27

You Rawk

Saw this in a magazine and after asking everyone I knew to ask everyone they knew under 20 what it meant I was none the wiser. After a quick google the only thing we could come up with was it was the written version of 'you rock' said in a Wayne's World kind of accent as in 'you rawk dude'.

I was reminded of this because I received a tag for one of these from another Kate -It originated over on Roberta's blog here and I'm supposed to tag 5 more people. Well most people I know are tagged already but anyway -






I might get a chance for some crafting tonight and tomorrow as cricket plans to reign supreme (its not raining now and so they are catching up from Wednesday and the forecast for Saturday is good!). Coupled with this the kids are sleeping over at the out-laws tomorrow so there is definitely me time potential. To console myself on lack of crafting I have managed craft shopping. A big parcel of sale stuff came from Lakeland today. I'm particularly keen to try out some 24" by 8" DCWV papers I bought for altering and covering things.

Off to see how quickly I can make the tea, bake and organise allergy menus for Small-N-Grubby to take away with him, wash everyone's hair (including mine), pack and get the kids to bed - then my time is all my own for crafting!!!

** Kate **

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