Thanks a Bunch

Here's the card the DD took to school for her teacher. I didn't get a chance to take a photo last night before it got dark.

Punched out a load of flowers and layered them up with silicone glue.

I got a dodgy e-mail today but luckily my system identified it and warned me not to open it. Smo and I were only talking the other day about getting some memory sticks and backing some stuff up. Guess I got a reminder! Its so annoying you're just trying to do your thing, why can't other people just be happy doing their own thing too without bothering me?

Well with that little rant over I'm off to have a tidy up and hope the little uns don't get up too early tomorrow - the summer hols are here, yeah!!

** Kate **


Karva said…
cute card, well done
So Sonya said…
Thanks for visiting my blog, have replied to your question... my ebay seller ID is sonya2006... oh and fab blog!!!
Jules said…
great flowers :o)

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