Saturday, July 14

Good News - at last!

SMO saw the dentist on Thursday and as suspected will need a lot of work done. Our dentist went private a while ago and as I think they are all sadists and get freaked out about going I wasn't going to start looking for a new NHS one. Anyway we signed on the dotted line and now pay a monthly sum which doesn't include the cost of treatments. However, it does include accidental injury cover - which we didn't realise! Hoorah!!!!! Checked the old exclusions and cricket is not excluded so SMO is booked in for extensive treatment starting with a one and a half hour session on Monday to tidy up the exposed nerves and roots eeeeek!!!

Friday was the usual busy, busy day. Ended with the Rainbows end of term party which was fun other than by the end of the summer term the leaders are all ready for a break and a bit bad tempered!

Spent this morning getting the borrowed Canon Bubble Jet printer up and running. The kids have printed off pages from cbeebies to colour and I've started on a shop invoice and price list for craft parties.

Found this scrapbook style card that I made for a mag competition last year. Its a favorite of mine that I was really pleased with it but it was unsuccessful.

Its all made from American Traditional Designs card, ribbons, buttons and brads. The words on the tag say 'good thoughts'.

Have to go and wash my hair, there's an 18th birthday party to go to tonight. Feeling a bit old for this but at least its only just round the corner so I can leave SMO to it and come on home.

** Kate **

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