Thursday, July 19

Bijoux Beads

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday as I ended up on a late trip to Tesco's with a friend from toddlers, how exciting! Nice to have some different company for a change though.

During the day I went to hear Small-N-Grubby sing at his pre-school end of term coffee morning. Although I'd heard him practicing 'Old Tom Tomato' at home for weeks!

Afterwards I went here ........
Not a website but a real live shop and beautifully dec'd out it was too. Bought a few bits and pieces but no great project to try. Although I did buy a tiara, I've never tried to make one of those before! I will share the results but I doubt I will get any free time before the summer hols.

After the Tesco trip I was looking through Bead issue 5 and had to make this.

** Kate **


LisaBabe said...

Wow Kate, I love it!!! Must try one of those for my hols cos I have a fruity bracelet I made a couple of years ago and this would be perfect with it.


Jackie said...

Lovely Kate. I took a fancy to that one too. I'm making one for myself and one for my friend for our hols.

Andrea said...

I like that, my daughter got something similar yesterday, she's informed me fruit is very "in" at the moment

Kate said...

Gorgeous work Kate. I've tagged you, YOU ROCK !!