Sunday, July 8

Dancing Dinky Diva

Spent the morning at the dance studio where the Dinky Diva performed her introduction to ballet exam and a ballet medal (baby bronze). You hear about the exam later in the post but the medals are awarded straight away which the kids love. Here she is in the garden afterwards, medal in one hand and dog in a tutu in the other!

I know I'm a push-over but I made the tutu after she went to sleep and then popped it on the dog so she found it in the morning. We've printed one of these photos to go in the dog's diary, not sure if he will go back to school with the tutu as she will probably find a teddy it will fit on!

Have spent the afternoon trying to tidy up. We are just bursting out of this house. Like on the Nissan Note advert where they put in the last suitcase and the car just explodes. Something has to give and at the moment its my sanity. It looks like we could be here a bit longer than first planned as there are a lot more little DIY jobs to do than I thought.

Still planning to craft all day tomorrow, so definitely something to look forward to there.

Hope you had good weekends, we have even managed a bit of an attack on the garden. The weeds certainly have been loving the rain. Pulled a load of bind weed done only to reveal an ugly wall and a towering pile of empty bread crates next door (don't ask). A trip to the garden centre needed now to buy some fast growing shrubs that can fight off weeds and like to cling to bread crates!!

** Kate **

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Karva said...

congrats to your DD :)