Tuesday, July 31

Ikea Delivers!

YESSSSS, but not in my area yet, but hopefully soon. SMO is clutching his wallet and wiping the sweat from his brow. I lurve Ikea. I know some hate it and that's their choice. I don't agree with the argument that it makes lots of home all look the same - the reason I love it is you can mix and match everything and there's plenty of cheap stuff to buy and alter. My bedroom has a folding table and bedside tables made from stools all painted to match - no-one will have them quite like mine!

Had a play with my computer this afternoon. (This is me by the way!).

I'm going to take a nice pic of the kids to do for the out-laws. I feel this year's Christmas presents taking shape.

Off to do battle with the accounts tonight. Mum's having the little uns tomorrow so I am scheduled to go to my craft class, hope they have something good planned.

** Kate **

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