Friday, July 20

As One Door Closes

Our last visit to toddlers this morning. Although I have been roped in for Summer Holiday Club so its not exactly our last one! I had some yummy chocs and pinky flowers as a thank you, which was really lovely. Flowers included these.....
And these..........
Small-N-Grubby had a sorry you're leaving card which, combined with his last visit to pre-school, has left him with his bottom lip a bit wobbly. As for me I'm still maintaining the 'never say never' stance which makes it all quite manageable.
Made a card this afternoon as a bit of a wind down, just to clear out my mind for a few minutes. My quick cards for people have been rather ropey recently and I have handed them over less than happy due to lack of time. But this one is back on form, I feel.
Less than 3 hours till Harry Potter 7. I am being very good and waiting until SMO goes to Sainsburys at 7am tomorrow. Which once you take into account all the midnight queuing won't be that long after everyone else anyway. Plus I get some sleep tonight, I won't sleep again until its finished!!!!

** Kate **

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Kate said...

Gorgeous flowers Kate and a fabby card too.