Monday, July 9

Craft Day Monday

Spent the whole day on crafting as planned - wonderful. Completed one competition lo and started a second. That's when the inspiration left me. It didn't come together as planned and I am left with a lovely lo which I don't think is comp material. After that I couldn't get back into it again, so I switched to jewellery. Hopefully when I go back to the page I will know what to do with it. The bracelets weren't my usual ones either. I've incorporated some pieces of chain into these ones. The first is in gold tone.The second silvery one looks nice in the photo but once you have it on there's too much bare chain, so I think I might add some beads to it like the one above. I'm concerned that Squit-The-Dog may be going to explode. She is led on the kitchen floor next to me and her stomach is rumbling so loudly it is distracting me from typing. I think a quick eviction to the garden is needed!

Will share my scrapbook page with you tomorrow if I decide not to use it. Will hopefully have some time to take another look at it in the morning.

** Kate **

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