Friday, January 16

It's Done!!!

Yes the tax return has been submitted and now I have time to catch up on the past few days HS:MS:HS photos incorporating my news as I go.

Taken on my compact digital camera at the furthest possible zoom. At least you can just about make out the ball and I think it's SMO but it's kind of difficult to tell woth batting helmet on! Blurry distant shots like this will hopefully be a thing of the past as I pick up my new digital SLR tomorrow. I know times are hard a present but I have spent all last year saving for it and you can't put your life on hold just in case things take a down turn.

How I feel now that the dreaded return has been submitted. It wasn't that bad really and as I was only filling in peanut amounts it was hardly worth sweating over.

This is the Supreme Commander right now sleeping in his pushchair under his checked buggy snuggle. Why, why, why, why can't he sleep soundly like that at night????

** Kate **


Rach said...

Love the picture of the Supreme Commander - too cute for words. Have fun with your new camera I am sure you will fall head of heals in love with it! x

canadacole said...

Great photos all! I love Jolly, and I'm sure you're feeling it with the taxes out of the way. Such a sweet little commander, you could hardly tell how he'd deserve the name in a photo like that! Enjoy the new camera! You'll be in love right away.

Chris T said...

Great catchups! Lovely colours, great interpretations. Enjoy the new camera - definitely a good investment- more fun than a savings account!!!