I've been really busy around the house the last few days. I think the change of weather from cold to warmer but wet has caused most of the problems. The back door is seized up and won't open so the dog is getting more walks than usual but still finding time to pee in my kitchen!!! Have temporarily fixed it this morning (the door that is) so hopefully there will be no more accidents.

The Supreme Commander has a cold and a new nickname. He was always a pickle but it really is getting worse. SMO was out the other the evening and young Branston would not let me put him down to deal with the other kids at bedtime, he just kept screaming. In the end I had to carry him around with me and he is getting quite a weight. Due to his cold he got away with sleeping in my arms early in the evening and then propped up in his chair later on. So 'Branston' it is.

Managed to get a bit more time with my camera yesterday. As Himself wouldn't allow me to get anything done in the house I took him round to mum's and, whilst he played with Grandma, I took a few shots of the garden. Now I just need to find some time to work out how to download them. Perhaps after Celeb BB finishes I will manage to drag myself off the sofa in the evenings.

Here's today's HS:MS:HS taken on the old camera (I did try the new one but I couldn't figure out how to turn of the flash in macro mode, the instruction manual is going to have to be my new bedtime reading).

This lovely stash of pens was kindly sent to me by Quick and Crafty Magazine courtesy of Uni-ball, thank you very much.

Oh, and yesterday's word was 'Aroma', if you catch a whiff of something around here it's likely to be one of these!
(or the dog!!!)

** Kate **


Love your take on both!
Chris T said…
Particularly like the aroma photo lol
sam said…
nice ones , time has no meaning when little ones in our lives,
Sarah said…
Great tip and aroma. I use those nappy bags too but not for nappies, something doggy and even more stinky than nappies :)

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