Strictly a one off

Well here it is my Someone's Portrait for Saturday and it's me.
I can now dance the Polka, sort of, and only if my partner is an enthusiastic 6 year old. 45 minutes of dancing and the adults were exhausted (kids still running around), I can see why all the celebs are saying it's great for keep fit.

And why does it look like there are 2 of me in that outfit, the new year health kick starts here, just as soon as I finish this gluten free fake kitkat.

Just had to say really enjoyed the end of the best ever, funniest celeb BB yesterday evening. Surprise winner too, but now its over everyone claims they knew it would be Ulrika even though all the way through they were saying it would be Verne.

** Kate **


Chris T said…
Nice SPS- glad it was a fun evening.
Andrew said…
Never ever seen a moment of BB - am I missing out? Anita swears by it! Smashing SPS - is it really possible to dance with heels on your shoes?
Rach said…
Lovely outfit! Can't believe Ulrika won it I was one of the ones that thought it was going to be Verne. x

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