Friday, January 23


It's the end of the week and Fridays are a busy day for me so just a quick update.
Branston is a little better but very snotty, euch!
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Water'.
This was taken off the shore at Christchurch on a visit to the 'Shed of Dread' a couple of years ago.

Rainbows tonight and someone has kindly organised a Strictly Come Dancing evening, someone who needs strictly slapping in my opinion! My costume is a sight, a cross between dance teacher who is too fat to dance and the kids from fame. I decided to purposely go over the top rather than look like I was trying to really look the part. You know when you get dressed in something really elegant and then catch sight of yourself in the mirror and think it's a man in drag! I am taking a camera although there will be little I have authority to share on the blog. Leg warmers at the ready, here we go.

** Kate **


canadacole said...

Lovely shot! It makes me think vacation, which we could all use right about now I think. Have fun tonight!

anita said...

ooo...that seagull looks very comfy there!

sam said...

blue sky i want some of that. lovely shot ,

Photographing Mom said...


pining said...

picture of loveliness :-)
I'm a big fan of strictly, have a great time!