Thursday, January 29


'Staircase' is today's HS:MS:HS prompt. Here is my uninspiring staircase complete with Stare-Cat.
Note the strange way in which the carpet changes colour for the last 2 steps. This was done by my ex-husband in order to trip up and kill unsuspecting visitors, luckily he didn't get many visitors!
Here's the next page of the Newborn album.
Have downloaded some more pics from the new camera. This tree is in mums garden.
See the little bicycle in the bottom left corner.
Now that's the sort of zoom I needed for wildlife pictures, I just need to find some wildlife to photograph now.

Took this pointed into direct sunlight and kind of like the ethereal look it gives the garden.
** Kate **


Shannon said...

Great shot! Do you have a curtain to hide your staircase? WOW!

seedlings mum said...

Love the pics especially the "ethereal" one.

Photographing Mom said...

Great staircase and love the bike shot!