I've caught....

crochet fever! I've learnt so much in the last 24 hours I think my brain is busted.

Like the stitches in the UK and the US have the same names but are worked differently. So one of the reasons that Punky Chicken (see yesterday) was a bit odd was I watched a YouTube guide to clarify the Double stitch but my pattern was UK which means the stitch I learnt was a Treble. Are you with me so far!?!?

Crochet to me always meant granny squares, the only stitch my mum knows, which she used to make us multi-coloured blankets with. But crochet is so much more. Punky chicken is in fact Amigurumi, no that's not the breed of chicken, it's Japanese for crocheted and stuffed. Check out this guy, he's mad!

Then there is free form crochet and crochet jewellery. All I need to learn now is how to find enough time to fit crochet into my already very hectic Craft Life.

** Kate **


Janice said…
Ah yes, the signs of a woman obsessed with a new craft lol!

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