Monday Musing #2

A little simpler than last week

Seek Joy

No matter how long you have been crafting or how often you craft, you can always learn something new. With this in mind I thought I would have a go at crochet. I have tried knitting but I find controlling 2 needles and a ball of wool quite difficult, so using just 1 needle sounded a lot easier. And here is the result Punky Chicken!

I was "following" a pattern in this month's Crafts Beautiful, but I found counting the stitches quite hard so I just used it as a guide. I really enjoyed it and might have a go at something else, maybe a hat next. I like the fact that you don't have to hold loads of stitches on a needle at one time, so I only managed to drop the occasional stitch. Anyone got any good patterns?

** Kate **


Janice said…
Love the Punky Chicken lol! I always found crochet patterns difficult to follow.

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