Monday, September 28

Monday Musings #4

In which Kate visits a familiar place and catches glimpses of old friends.

With special mystery guest blogger.

Sunday was the most beautiful day to just be enjoyed for what it was.

We were at the out-laws for an evening meal and decided to take a walk in the country for the afternoon to build up our appetites. We headed for the local playing fields and took some ancient tennis rackets to play French Cricket. For the walk home we decided to go back across the water meadows that run opposite the house, somewhere I had always wanted to visit. Granny took the Branston pickle back via the road as there was no way to get a pushchair through and the rest of us headed off.

It was just beautiful nothingness.
We had thought Small-N-Grubby was very clever to be the only one in shorts that day but he soon found the draw back when the thick green grass started to reach up to his knees.
Where there wasn't grass there was thistles, huge high banks of them all gone to seed.
"Eeyore likes thistles."

I found just one that was still a beautiful jewel purple.
"I think perhaps, yes I'm sure, the rest have been eaten."

Some of the grasses were very pretty and I like this shot where the others are picking there way across in the distance.
"I don't suppose you took a little smackerel of something with you, did you?"

The blackberries had all been eaten by the birds, but there were some bright red berries which stood out against the clear blue autumn sky.
"Could those possibly be haycorns? I have a small friend who is rather fond of them."

We fought our way on with the loud chirps of crickets making the only sounds, apart from the odd squeal as someone stepped on a thistle.
"Wait is that Christopher Robin I can see? There, far off, in the distance."

There really could be only one conclusion to a walk in a place like this. We rounded a corner and found a quiet stream with an old wooden bridge running across it.
The ripples in the water could only mean one thing.
Someone had been playing Pooh sticks.
"Which I invented." Did you Pooh? Pooh?

"Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?"


Kathy said...

Fab photos - and I love the little extra blogging help there....

Janice said...

Looks like a good day out. Glad to hear that the Bear of little brain is still alive and wandering through the 100 acre wood.