Friday, February 27


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Beads' of which I have far too many and here are a tiny percentage of them.
Have tried a bit of altering on a plain purple pencil case I found.
Have gone a bit mad stamping everything and probably need to plan my design for the next one (of course I bought several, couldn't just get one to try!).

Took Supreme Commander Branston to toddlers this morning for the 1st time since he has been really mobile. He managed to disgrace himself by biting his little friend Jacob on the head! Luckily only teeth marks no broken skin but that was bad enough, oh the shame of it! Needless to say he is unrepentant.

Bigger kids to granny and grandad for a sleepover this weekend so housework and crafting planned, with some time curled up on the sofa with SMO (Branston permitting).
Nearly forgot again, Kathy asked me several posts ago about the mini frog stamp - it's from one of those Studio G mini packs.

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Love the pencil case ... and the beads. x

Hazel said...

Love the pencil case ... and the beads. x

Photographing Mom said...

Very colorful beads! Great shot.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful colors. I have to say that pencil case is really pretty!

canadacole said...

I just love that first shot! Such lovely colours captured. Good work on the pencil case too. I'd be proud to carry that anywhere!

Chris T said...

Great shot!

Rach said...

Great pencil case. x