Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Ornate'.

This is my box of ornate stamps. You see I do have some semblance of organisation. I have had to move loads of other loose stamps though to get to this box. I long for a craft room, or even a craft corner of a room!
Here's the inside of the card from yesterday.
I have been using dark colours for the bird cages but I notice that on the back of the stamp packet there is a border using pastel colours that I think I might have a try at.

The new BG stamps have certainly re-awakened my love of stamping and I've been looking through some of my other stamps to see which ones I can breath new life back into. I have to admit that some of them have never been used!!

** Kate **


Shannon said…
Those are very ornate! The inside of th card is FAB!!
seedlings mum said…
what beautiful stamps and I love what you have done on that card!

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