Go Patti Go

The multi talented Kirsty Wiseman announces the launch of her first card making CD. I don't think there will be prizes for guessing who the main character is based on! Click on the link on the top right to visit Patti's new blog.

I can't imagine how nervous and excited Kirsty must be, I'm just excited thinking about the launch for her. I hope one day I will be launching some noseycritters products of my own. Until then I have plenty of little critters around the house to deal with.

Supreme Commander Branston is having his 8 month check up tomorrow (not that he is 8 months for a couple of weeks yet, I think its early because of half-term).
He has one of his top front teeth just poking through, can pull himself up to standing in his cot and crawled up the step into my mum's kitchen for the 1st time yesterday. Luckily we still have the stair gate in place to keep the dog out of the bedrooms so now there is just an eternal chorus of "SHUT THE GATE" shouted in this house.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Crush'. I couldn't let this one go by without recording for posterity the mighty mini masher.
Its a portable, palm sized crushing device that you can take anywhere and mash up a portion of your own dinner to feed to hungry little monsters. Its been used daily since I bought it and is especially useful as Small-N-Grubby insists on only eating his potatoes mashed!

{{BasicGrey alert}}
Craft Obsessions has Bitter Sweet, Marrakech and Porcelain in stock. I have gone for a selection from the Porcelain collection which will be one of my main purchases for the new season. I've ordered a little bit of Marrakech too to try out and all of it should be arriving this afternoon!!! Check it out for yourself here.

** Kate **


Anonymous said…
What a funky masher!! :) Great photo.

Shannon said…
Thanks for telling me what it was! Great idea and shot!
hannah said…
Thats a fantastic idea - wish i had known about it when mine were tiny!
Chris T said…
Wow that's a great invention. Have to investigate for Daniel (grandson)Like the angle!
Never seen anything like that. What a cool idea!!
Great colour, too.

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