Friday, February 13

Porcelain Passion

Yes, it is here. However, frustratingly it didn't arrive until late after lunch which meant I only had time to unpack it and stroke it a little before starting the dinner prep and heading up to school.

SMO had to go to the Hampshire County Cricket ground in Southampton for pre-season whatever. So for me it was cooking, eating, homework, Brownies and trying to persuade 3 little individuals to go to bed. At gone 9pm I finally settled down to some crafting. A little tired I decided to go for several smaller projects rather than any of my big plans which has meant that I still haven't cut into any of the new BG papers!

I have tried the stamps though, and they are superb, very detailed.

Some quick ATCs to get the creativity flowing (a good idea I find if you have too many projects and don't know where to start).

Then a card with a bit of an old pad of K&Co.
Then finally a layout I had planned with some of the sale items I had bought. I do try to plan before buying otherwise I am beguiled by bargains that I never use!
Papers and die cuts are Crate Paper Lemongrass, a bit of left over BG paper and a rub-on.

After that and several interruptions from waking baby and SMO returning home complaining about what a wasted trip that was (they get fined if they don't go, captive audience), it was too late and I needed some sleep.

This morning the health visitor has give Branston Pickle a clean bill of health and soon I will have to start on his lunch but I'm sure I can fit a bit of crafting in somewhere.
Nearly forgot today's HS:MS:HS is 'Wicker', not much of that left around the house, too much dusting. Instead a wicker window, which I absolutely love.
** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

Don't have any wicker at my house, either. Love that wicker window!

Hazel said...

Fab LO. Glad you got your BG porcelain. Love those stamps. In the end I ordered Maraketch - looking forward to getting it. x