It's Snow Joke!

No school again today. Despite snow flurries throughout the day there was a point this afternoon where things were looking pretty clear. It's now snowing hard and there's a thick layer forming. At this rate I can't see the school being open tomorrow either.

The kids don't look particularly eager to go to school anyway!
If school is open tomorrow SMO is going to walk them in and pick them up, I'm not taking the baby out in the pushchair tromping up and down hills in this weather.

Here's SMO preparing to head out earlier on to take some shopping and bits round to my mum.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Trinket'. We had this little box for Christmas, Small-Grubby has been filling it with mini locks and keys, a current obsession of his.
I've been analysing lots of internet reports from CHA (that's the big American Craft and Hobby Association show held in Anaheim,where lots of companies launch there product lines for the year, for those who were wondering). I want to make some considered purchases of key items to update my crafting wardrobe this year, rather than impulse buying lots of things I really don't need. On the look out for who's going to get the stuff into the UK 1st and in preparation I'm turning out my craft stash. I have some really great stuff that I can use so some of the older dated papers can go and I know that I can find a good home for them with the Rainbows or one of the Mencap groups. All I need is for the kids to go back to school so I can really get on with it. The local news was talking about them being out for the week so maybe I will just have to organise a big crafting session with them instead.

** Kate **


Chris T said…
Good photo! Love the one of all of them in bed together. Hope your enjoying the new camera
icoobaby1 said…
What a lovely pictures! I like the winter season most. Previously I do not take any chance of taking my baby out in winter. I was lucky to get Icoo Pushchairs with which it has got snow protection sheet that keeps baby warm.

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