Not one, but two!

Yep, 2 trophies.
I have one very happy little girl and one little bit sad Small-N-Grubby boy. Only a little bit sad as they don't give trophies in his category (pre-baby). My ecstatic little miss won the baby ballet category (jointly with her friend Molly) and was 2nd in the baby class across all disciplines. 'Baby class' sounds a bit odd but that's how they do it. Hopefully some photos on Thursday as they are putting on their costumes Wednesday evening at ballet class.

HS:MS:HS today is 'Rubber'. Lot of rubber stamps hanging about here but I went for this pile of tyres I found lying around instead.
Had a small splurge in Paperchase (luckily no-one noticed or I might have been thrown out!) and bought a pile of things for altering.
I now have seriously more craft projects planned than are humanly possible to do .

** Kate **


Grats on the trophies!!

Great rubber!
Shannon said…
That is a great rubber shot!
Kathy said…
heeyyyyyyy well done on the trophies to your little dancer!
canadacole said…
Congrats to your baby ballerina! How lovely for her! I like your tyres and I'm kicking myself--I never even thought of my stamps! D'oh!
Igotmebabe said…
Love the tyre shot and congrats to your little ballerina, a proud moment.

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