Open and Closed

My 2 little ones schools were open yesterday. About the only 2 in the area! Had a lie-in and the day disappeared before I knew it. Went out late afternoon to the kids dance classes and had to take Himself in the pushchair. That was an experience I don't want to repeat in a hurry. I couldn't get any grip under the wheels and practically skied all the way there.

Today the weather is no worse but the schools are closed again, including ours. Not really sure why.

Had a mini turn out of craft supplies (which I found really difficult, there's a recession shouldn't I be hoarding stuff?) and then we spent the whole day making fun bits. Old fashioned scrapbook pages, cards and a dozen ATCs. The Dinky Diva will give hers to her friends and Small-N-Grubby made envelopes for his and posted them all over the house. His were mainly stickers on plain card but she really got it. She made a series of cards about nature with titles like flowers, plants and fruits. My favo one has plants on it and then around the sides it says vines and family. I will photograph them tomorrow if permitted.

I managed some quick baking as having them at home has been a strain on the food supplies. Supreme Commander Branston has been a little under the weather though. He has a sticky eye that's bothering him. We have bathed it tonight in cooled, boiled water and will see how he is in the morning. I am also convinced he isn't putting on weight, but I don't want to weigh him in case I'm right. I know paranoid mum.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Belt'. This is a sparkly job belonging to the Dinky Diva. Don't ask what was going through my head when I stuck it out in the snow. I think I had some great composition in mind, but really it was all in my mind!
Who knows what tomorrow will bring, more snow forecast so maybe no school again.

** Kate **


Chris T said…
The red on the white looks good - I honestly hadn't noticed it was snow until I read it - made me smile !!!

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