Coeliac Snobbery

A glorious holiday in Lyme Regis over half term has left the rest of life feeling a little lack lustre.  Must upload some pics and reminisce.  Came back with a bit of a cough, but that was nothing compared to Branston Pickle having toncilitis and one of my sister's having a highly contagious eye infection!!

Today I've been to a Gluten Free fayre, not a coeliac fayre, a gluten free fayre.  However, some stall holders were incredibly rude if you didn't have a diagnosis or prescriptions - like we would eat gluten free bread for fun!!  Thankfully, there were loads of friendly helpful people interested in letting you try their new products.  Shout out to:

Georgia's Choice
M&S Made Without Wheat
Purbeck Ice Creams
Trudy's Gluten Free

I've tried pies, cakes, pastries, bread and ice cream today and I've brought lots home to stash in the fridge and try later - individual reviews to follow.  Feeling a little more happy and satisfied now!



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