Monday, April 27

4 Day School Week!

Yep they seem to be experimenting round here. Not content with 2 bank holidays in May they have today off for teacher training. Half-term is going to be here before I know it.

The Branston Pickle has been doing Steve McQueen impersonations. Well he hasn't got the motorbike yet but he is trying to go over the top of the cot using toys and any near-by furniture for a leg up. I had advertised locally for a play-pen but I don't think it will be any good now as I've caught him shinning up the cot bars like they were a coconut tree!. I've seen a very expensive mesh sided play-pen which claims to contain them up to 3 years old. I will investigate further.

In addition to all this he firmly believes that the world revolves around him and kicks off when I am spending time with the other children, cooking etc. As the cricket season started this weekend I had the Saturday from hell. Sunday was better as I planned the whole day in advance like a military operation ( and my mum cooked the dinner!). I think weekends are not going to be my favorite time for a while!

** Kate **

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