It's a marvelous night for a moondance

Well its not actually, its a sunny day and I don't think there would be much of a moon tonight anyway, which makes today's Hs:Ms even harder than yesterdays.

It gets dark so early at the moment, you can even see the moon during the daytime! Capture 'moonlight' in your space today.

Here's a pic I took one afternoon in late August this year.
Not exactly a great shot but about the best I could do.
Did consider some bare bottomed toys mooning off the top of the bunkbeds - all done in the best possible taste of course. Oh what the hell ...............
It was Small-N-Grubby's nativity play today (hence the later than usual blogging) and he was a star. I mean he was great but he was playing a star, you know what I mean.
Another poor photo but I wasn't going to put the flash on and blind the poor little mites! (unlike some parents, grrrr).

Off to get some work done this afternoon. Have had to text SMO at least 4 times about stuff I can't find, why can't men put things back where they find them and why when they need batteries do they take them from the nearest appliance that comes to hand. Couldn't get the PC speakers to work, now I know why!!

** Kate **

I see accusations have been made about my snowmen, they are demanding prime positions on the tree now in compensation, so I think it might have to be a toy themed tree this year.


Louise said…
LOL at the mooning bears... this kind of moon did cross my mind too
Bobs said…
Absolutely PMSL at the mooning bears!! So funny!
Anonymous said…
Fab moon pics... ROFL at the bears mooning :D
LisaBabe said…
I love the mooning teddies, Kate - they really made me smile.

Small'N'Grubby is a beautiful star :D:D

Lisa xoxo
Bambi said…
great "moon" (^_^)
Jenga said…
L-O-V-E the mooning bears!! I considered it too ;) great (naughty) minds think alike eh??
maz said…
Love the bear behinds LOL!
And good idea on 'Moondance' one of my fave songs before Van the Man went all mardy...

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