Monday, December 10

Frosty the snowman!

When a frost forms on surfaces. Show us 'frosty' in your space today.

A brighter day today, and at least it's not raining, but definitely no frost. So here are some rather dilapidated Christmas ornaments.
At least it shows we have got as far as dragging them out of the cupboard, but the tree is still in its box.

Thanks for all the pressie suggestions for the Dinky Diva. Thankfully she has not discovered High School Musical and she has even got bored with the X factor, yes! I'd forgotten about the Klutz books, I will definitely get her one of those. The handbag is a great idea too, but my sister is already on to that.

Another busy weekend (as are the next two right up until Christmas). The Dinky Diva played the hand bells at a Christmas tree festival on Saturday. Managed to get the nativity set up but the tree will have to wait until next weekend now. Yesterday we went to SMO's aunt's house to celebrate her brother's 65th birthday. Got the kids into bed early it's Small-N-Grubby's first full day at school. I shall really miss him, but I certainly have plenty to do.

** Kate **


Bobs said...

They're so cute! Is it just me, or do they look a bit inebriated? Rofl!!

Jen said...

aw, they are cute!

Louise said...

LOL @ Bobs and the inebriated comment!!!

I almost went down the forsty the snowman route too... no 'real' frost in manchester either:)

Love the decs

Bambi said...


sharon said... double checked..they do look like they are punch drunk..
At least your tree is in the box..mine is still in the loft..x

anita said...

cute snowman...what's frosty's friends name?

Aubrey Harns said...

Darling little snowmen! Great shot.

SuzyB said...

Your snowmen are clearly ratted :o))) xx

Jenga said...

Lol at drunken snowmen!! What were they drinking SNOWBALLS??? :D

cute shot ;)