Monday, December 24

Kate's Christmas Message

My last blog for a couple of days whilst we take a break for the Christmas celebrations.

I'm supposed to be creaming butter and sugar right now but my arm is aching so I thought I would have a quick blog for a break.

The kids opened the final box on the Playmobil advent today and here is the completed scene.Today's contained a little music box which plays Christmas tunes. My favorite piece was a little detailed woodpecker.
Excuse the dust just think of it as light covering of snow!

Yesterday was our 1st full day of visitors. Went to church in the morning for the nativity service, where the Dinky Diva was playing in the hand bell group. Then back home with guests for lunch. After lunch I kept sneaking off to try and work on one of the last gifts I have to complete. I have some wedding photos to do up as a gift and rashly decided the best way to display them would be a 12x12 album! So in one evening I have dashed off an album using the simplest of embellishments and almost done style pages. Here is one of my favorites.
Not exactly true scrapping but hopefully a nice thank you gift for the wonderful day we had.

Now for the Christmas message. (Having taken a short break to finish making the biscuits).

2007 was the year I really discovered the Internet. I thought I would just use it for shopping and research but no, this year I have discovered forums and blogs!
So a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2008 to family and friends both real and virtual, to all the forum organisers and members I now regularly chat with and to all those who organise and play along with HerSpace:MySpace.

I know that 2008 is going to bring me many new challenges, the enormity of some already feel insurmountable, but I am looking forward to the release that blogging about them will bring and to the support that comes from a problem/joy shared with goodness knows who!
Hope you all have great Christmas's and I will aim to be back between Christmas and new year with some of the Christmas gift photos I have been saving up.
** Kate **


Sue said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours also kate xxx

Farmersgirl said...

Happy Christmas Kate to you, SMO, Dinky Diva and Small n Grubby - hope you have a great time - I still want that Playmobil Advent.


SuzyB said...

Have an absolutely smashing time! xx

Hazel said...

Just stopped by to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

Rachael said...

Just popping in to say Happy New Year and I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. x