Wednesday, December 12


Just a quick update from me today.

Two pieces of string to assist in the fastening of shoes and clothing. Have you got some laces in your space?

A rather uninspiring pic of my walking boots.
The kids don't do laces yet so no cute boots like Kirsty's daughter's over on the HS:MS site (link on the right).

Didn't get any work done yesterday by the time I had finished fiddling around on the PC and looked at SMO's aunt's official wedding photos. I'll have to be more disciplined today. Have already started on some experimental shrink plastic charms, so I must keep going.

** Kate **


Bobs said...

Great close-up!
I love my walking boots, I do!

Louise said...

lovely close up... my kids don't do laces yet either...LOL!!!

Bambi said...

great one! i prefer those kinds of lace-holders, or whatever you call them, instead of eyelets. so much easier to pull through (^_^)

maz said...

Those boots look so comfy and well loved. Every girl should have some!

sharon said...

nice textures there.

amandamagpie said...

They are serious laces for serious boots! x

Caz said...

Lovely close up shot.

Louise said...

I think it's a greta shot.

Sue Nicholson said...

Just catching up. Some great posts . . . love the mooning toys . . . laughed when I saw that . . . a really clever take and very original :-)

Laces shot is brilliant. Excellent cropping.

Bye for now . . . Sue

cass said...

love the close up, great detail