Saturday, December 22

SPS #?

The HS:MS girls have decided to start their Christmas break today. I haven't joined in with Self Portrait Saturday for week's, so typically I had one prepared for today! I'm going to go ahead and frighten you with the sight of me anyway. Took the picture as I'd given my hair a tidy up ready for the holiday season.
Didn't quite get everything on the present front finished last night but nearly. I also have this niggling feeling that there is a bag full of unwrapped pressies somewhere that I can't find - doesn't that always happen every year??

** Kate **


Rachael said...

Great shot of you Kate you have beautiful hair. It's great when you find the bag of unwrapped presents months later as you then have a head start on next year!! x

SuzyB said...

Get you looky all coy and foxy! Gorgeous picce :o) x