Weekend Update

Another busy few days, with no time for blogging. Dinky Diva passed her dancing medal on Saturday (no photos of that yet) and then it was off to the church Christmas parties. It always feels like Christmas is here once we get to them. There's always a traditional disco playing action songs and shooting bubbles and foam over the children. They love it. The Dinky Diva knows all the dances, the Macarena is her fav. Here's Small-N_grubby tryying to catch foam snow.

Round it off with a visit from the man in red Himself and you have very tired but happy little ones.

Managed to get the tree up yesterday so I will try for a picture of that to blog tomorrow.

Small-N-Grubby is home with a cough and cold today. I'm hoping he will get back to school before term finishes or I really won't be ready for Christmas - the pair of us cuddled in bed until 10am this morning! This means no time to catch up on HS:MS, I will just try to start from again from tomorrow's prompt.

** Kate **


Jenga said…
Awww he looks cute ;)

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