Thursday, December 20

7 of 2007

To have an intense colour or slight shine. Find 'glow' in your space today:

Had a bit of trouble with this one, frost and ice I can do today but not a lot glowing. Had to resort to the tree lights. Really wanted to turn the auto focus off but I don't think I can on my little compact camera, so I resorted to the dusk/dawn mode and managed this strange effort.
Kirsty is asking to see your favorite 7 photos of 2007. Here are some of mine, I'm sure I could have found plenty more.
Got some crafting of Christmas presents done yesterday. Off to do some more now and re-charge the camera.

** Kate **


Bambi said...

there's a smiley face in your glow (^_^)

Shannon said...

I love all those shots! They are great!

Rachael said...

Great shots I love the sunglasses / reflection one. x

Hazel said...

Great shots, including the super glow!

SuzyB said...

Can see why they would be your favourite shots, loving the sunglasses one especially x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Finally I grabbed a moment to see your 7 lushy scrumsh photos. You do have the most beautiful children, you must be so proud. I love your photos but especially love the one of your boy clutching a bear!
Kirsty x