Wednesday, December 5

"It's starting to look a lot like Christmas" - NOT

The word of the day on HS:MS is Christmas. Several of the blogs I visit have those helpful little countdowns on them which I see today are merrily informing me that it is 19 days until Christmas - aaargh! Don't get me wrong I'm not a Bah Humbug its just I always think there is plenty of time and then someone steals it. So Christmas in my house currently looks like this.If you want to see how a tree should properly look check out SuzyB's beautifully even spaced matching decs!

Had a go at last Friday's DCM challenge when I found some birdie paper in my little 6x6 stack of Periphery, mixed it with a bit of DCWV. On the subject of birds I have decided that, among other things, 2008 will be the year I save up and buy a new camera. I haven't had garden birds hanging around my house for quite some time, since a sparrowhawk made a rather spectacular kill on the patio! Now they are back with a vengeance, but can I get a good picture, no I blooming well can't. As wildlife photography has always been my 1st love my old 35mm outfit has a compact but intrusive 300mm lens and I miss it. I have duel aspect windows in my kitchen (believe me it sounds far posher than it is, I have them in the living room too but one just looks out onto a brick wall!!) and the little window next to me hasn't been cleaned in yonks. As I sit at the computer little birds hover over it hoovering up the insect life that clings to it. So in summary I need a new digi SLR with a nice selection of lenses!

Will post a picture of the advent calendar when its complete on Christmas Eve. Yes it is Playmobil, they bring out a different one every year with everything you need but you do have to build and fill it yourself which means I already know what's in the boxes! Still the joy on the little peeps faces makes up for that.

** Kate **


Anonymous said...

Fab card! :) I have cats and next door has cats too, so we don't see many birds!!

SuzyB said...

Thats a rather lovely card isnt it.

Why thank you for the kind comments on my (work) tree. I really should think about doing my own tree but Im reluctant to as I know the cats will have field day. I mean Ive admitted Im anal about my tree, and NO ONE is allowed to touch it, but what happens when I get home from work and the cats have been playing pokey paw at each other through the branches. My head could very well explode.