Friday, October 19

Blue 4 U

Blue is next in our Rainbow theme - go find me some blue in your space today.
Couldn't resist zooming in on this photo of Small-N-Grubby.
No crafting yesterday evening as I went to watch the Dinky Diva make her promise at Brownies. No photos though! She has got a bit funny about having photos taken out and about - says it makes everyone look at her. I'm sure I'm not the only snap happy mum who has this problem.

Got to catch up on crafting today and see what the DCM challenge is this week. Having a bit of a crafting panic actually. Have realised in need to get somethings done next week to ensure they are in on time, but it's half-term and they don't go back until 1 Nov, eeek. I don't usually get much done when they are off.

Hazel has nominated me for this award, bless you. Not sure where it originates from but I'm happy to link to 10 of my favorite blogs so you can share them with me. (Would have probably picked some of Hazel's ones too!).

Monkee Maker (still blaming Suzy for that one)
Icanhazcheezburger (couldn't leave that one off)

** Kate **


Bobs said...

More gorgeous blue eyes - and beautiful skin too.

Bambi said...

lovely eyes (^_^)

Diana said...

And more beautiful blue eyes! lovely shot.

Hazel said...

Those gorgeous blue eyes certainly make me smile!

pokettiger said...

Now that is a stunning photo! What amazing blue eyes.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for nominating me .... I'm touched to be in a list which also includes SuzyB and Rachel who make me smile too :)
(I haven't checked out the other people yet).

And, to echo what the other commenters have already said ..... beautiful blue eyes!

amandamagpie said...

What a lovely shot, not only do I love the beautiful blue eyes, those rosy cheeks are just gorgeous!

Jo said...

Thanks for the nom! I love Icanhazcheezburger too lol off to check out the rest on your list...

Brilliant dare card and love the piccie of your little ones. hope dinner went well :)

jo xx