Saturday, October 20

SPS #9

Another family fun day today. This time Panto themed! Small-N-Grubby is poorly with a cold and a cough so I've stayed home to look after him and the other 2 have gone without us.

SPS #9 (I think I've managed the other side of my profile than usual this week lol).
Starting to wonder if the world can have too many portraits of me!!! Will try and think of something a bit different for next week.

Got no work done yesterday so I am really gonna have to pull my finger out this weekend.
** Kate **


Diana said...

Nice to see you again Kate! great angle. Yes think we have to get a bit adventurous with the SPs!

Bobs said...

I love your SP's!

Hope your little boy is feelign a bit better soon. It's no fun being stuck indoors with a poorly little 'un!

Skotasma said...

Yes, that's a great new angle.
Hope I'll remember trying that next week ;)

Bambi said...

nice angle!

sharon said...

great shot but I especially like your blue shot from yesterday.x

Hazel said...

IE decided to close, so don't know whether my previous comment went or not. Anyway, great shot for today achieved from that angle. Sorry to hear that you little one is poorly and you both missed out on the family fun - hope he's feeling better soon.

Maaike said...

you've got great cheaks!