What hidden treasure or favourite spot do you just LOVE about your hallway?

When stencilling was all the rage if it didn't move I stencilled it! This is my favorite of all the ones I've done. When we eventually move (which feels like it will be in several hundred years time) I shall be sad to leave it. But just think of all those new walls to decorate!
Couldn't fit it all in. The pot is standing on a plinth. I will have to photograph it in sections so that I can see clearly how to reproduce it in the future.

Guess what came this morning........
Yes, it's finally here. Was eyeletting before breakfast this morning. Made some bits for a project last night that I can't share yet, but I did reproduce one this morning for JustBex Christmas decoration challenge.
Found it hard to photograph. I might invest on one of those strange things you are supposed to hang bunches of bananas from. Then I will have somewhere to hang sundry items for piccies.

** Kate **


Hazel said…
Yay! for the cropadile - I've got a pink one, but didn't get all the rest with it. Worth waiting for, Kate. Love the heart hanging for JB and the fab stencilling in your hallway.
Adele said…
Oooo...perhaps that's something else for my Xmas wish list!!! I love your tree decoration Kate, it's such a fabby design! Might have to try one of those myself at some time if you don't mind!
love Dingle.x
Bobs said…
Love your stencilled wall. I never had the courage to try this!

I have a crop-o-dile and while I ADORE it for punching holes, I really don't like how it sets the eyelets. Whether I press hard or soft, they always seem to get distorted.
Marina said…
I love the stencilled wall it must have taken a while to do, I love my crop-o-dile and it is pink (oh yes) i use it all the time but still use silent setter for work in middle of a page. :~) xx
Bambi said…
oh that's wonderful!
Deanne said…
badly want a cropadile too.
that stencilling is huge, i remember stencilling small butterflies or flowers, nothin on that scale. x
amandamagpie said…
Why was my stencilling never that good? Mine always looked like a bunch of chimps had been let loose with stipple brushes and pots of paint! Great shot and I love your little heart hanging. x
Farmersgirl said…
Want one, want one, want one - will have to wait till Christmas boo hoo

cass said…
great hallway stenciling, it looks fantastic, i'd be sad to leave it too
Jules said…
I still have a cropodile on my wish list.

Love the stencilling, how long did it take you to do that?
Rhi said…
I love your little heart decoration, so cute. Cropodiles ROCK!
Anonymous said…
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