How can yesterday have ended up so bad when Monday was so wonderful. That's the way of things I guess, but I could do without another evening like yesterday. No, not parents evening that was fine, just personal stuff took over my head later on and sent me crazy.

Onwards and upwards, no other direction I want to go.

A few more happy photos from Monday. More traditional rides this time.
Here's one in all the years of going I have never been on and can safely say I never will.
The kids didn't stay still long enough for me to take their pics but I did manage to get SMO and the Dinky Diva on the bumper cars (far left).
Our Rainbow theme takes us on to Yellow - Bright, cheery, sunny. Show us yellow in your space.

Now what does the word yellow make you think of, of course, unicorns.
Made myself this yesterday afternoon (didn't get anywhere with crafting later on). To keep little snippets of Christmas inspiration in. I might decorate the cover a bit more once I've found the rest of my Christmas stash.
Started off the morning with a good bit of designing in front of the TV (QVC DCWV - so a good bit of spending too.) Fingers crossed QVC should now have my Crop-O-Dile on the way, I need it for some Christmas projects.

** Kate **


Jolanda said…
Love the unicorn!
Bambi said…
sparkly (^_^)
Terrie Farrell said…
I suppose i had better start the xmas planning soon too!
Andrea said…
Great book, that paper is fab
Diana said…
Great shots today!
Hazel said…
I'm another who's been crafting in front of QVC - haven't actually spent anything yet. Lovely photos today - I used to love the bumper cars.
Farmersgirl said…
Like the fairground photos and the altered notebook. Hope you are feeling better and sleep well tonight.

Louise said…
I think my parents must have virtually paid for a carousell with the amount of money they paid on rides for me... I still love them now:)

Love the unicorn too

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